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Class blog for AVT668: Three-Dimensional Artmaking Across Cultures

#1. Two hour imaginary friend project. 

#2 Social Justice Collage

This week we explored  a plethora of social justice issues through collage making. I now know that collaging is out of my comfort zone, and is difficulty for me as a representational artist. If I could do this project over, I would like to say that it would have turned out better, but I am honestly not sure it would have. 

The social justice topics I wanted to represent was the oppression of women, POC, and queer people versus the privileges' of cis white men. 

The pink tax was the theme that carried all topics in this piece. The injustice of the two genders paying different fees for no other reason than being different. I collaged two opposing store aisles. 

On the privileged side, there are "male" products and lots of discounts and coupons available to them. On the oppressed side, there are no discounts, there are images pushing beauty standards, and there are "luxury" monthly hygiene products. I also put rainbow colors to include the lbtq+ community in the category. 


The Progress of the Traveling Sketchbook

Class Sketchbook

I had our class' sketchbook the week of February 8th. I did a bit of drawing on the first spread, along with a paper flower pop-up, and a (failed) class polaroid portrait. On the second spread I went for my favorite earthy tones. I wanted to experiment with airdry clay on the mixed media paper. It was a fun experiment, but as expected it became very fragile when dry. Once I added some yarn and paper elements to the spread, I felt it was at a good stopping point. I started the next page with some hot glue texture, and I am excited to see what Kat does to finish it off!

progress pictures below

Paper Transportation Sculpture

My paper sculpture will transport you to the end of the patriarchy. This feminist's  vehicle can both fly, or dig you to your destination. Roomed for two passengers, this transport takes you on your journey of justice smoothly and efficiently, while still showing some serious sass.