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Student work samples


Grey toned paper portrait

At the beginning of my courses I usually teach drawing techniques, like proportions and shading,  so that the students then feel more comfortable and prepared for the drawing process during the rest of the class and beyond. For this assignment, students had learned the rules of proportion and light, and were challenged to do a small scale self portrait with dramatic lighting on grey toned drawing paper. 

This assignment is a great way for me to gauge where each student is on their journey.


The zine lesson challenged the students to create a zine, which could be scanned and photocopied, to spread in their community.

The goal of the zine was to give the reader an opportunity to make a difference (big or small) within the student's chosen social justice topic. 

Social Justice Tunnel Book Project

These tunnel book projects were carefully researched and planned by each student before their final design was started. Here are some of the finished pieces, next to their original ideas. 

Free design ceramic tile

The free design tile lesson is the first lesson in the clay unit. This lesson helps the students get a feel for the clay and how to use the different tools and techniques to manipulate the form.


The freedom in this prompt helps to open the students up to the possibilities for their next project. 

Here are some student work samples along with their original tile design plans created digitally on

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